Small Business Funding

Although we can do a one month payday loan for businesses, we also offer long term Business loans of $5,000.00 to $500,000.00!! Do you have a good business and tried to get a loan from the bank with your credit and plenty of assets and still been told NO?  Look no further.  If you have assets in real estate, equipment or other tangible collateral we will consider your situation when the banks won’t!  Because we are a person to person lender we can look beyond the characteristically inhibitive framework of bank lending.  We have loaned money to 100’s of businesses in Cheyenne, Laramie and Southern Wyoming.

Our fixed term asset based loans allow you to leverage your assets and put them to use for other purposes.  Relief of working capital, short term cash flow, floor inventory and company expansion are all solid reasons to consider asset based term loans.   Asset based term loans are a great option for our clients who have already purchased real-estate, equipment or accumulated inventory which can then be used as collateral on loans.  The assets can thereby be converted into immediate financing for the business.  You don’t need to let your money sit idle when it can be working for you.

** Any business loan must be for business use only, not for personal use.

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