FAQ: For Business Funding

Q: How much can you loan?
A: Business loans are usually under $500,000.00.

Q: What are the terms?
A: We do not do long term funding. Usually our loans are for 3 years or less.

Q: Do I need collateral?
A: Yes. We usually want a mortgage on real estate but will consider equipment, air planes, etc. Call us; we will consider all types of collateral.

Q: Do you do consumer loans?
A: No. We only do business or commercial loans. The loan proceeds must be used for your business for such things as buying inventory, paying payroll vendors or suppliers, etc.


Q: How fast can you fund a loan?
A: Sometimes within a few hours but usually 1-3 banking days from the time we first talk.

Q: I have bad credit, can you still help?
A: Yes. As long as you have collateral, we can usually overlook any credit or income issues.

Q: I am starting a business, can you do a “startup” loan?
A: Yes. If you are starting a business we can help but you will still need collateral to secure the loan.

Q: I want to buy a house as an investment. I want to fix it up and “flip it.” Can you help?
A: Yes. Usually, you will need 10-20% of the cost in cash and we will loan the rest. If you do not have the cash, you need more collateral.

Q: How do I start the process in getting a business loan?
A: Just email me at payless@aol.com or give me a call 307-631-9444 (9am to 9pm, any day including holidays and ends). I can usually tell you within a few minutes if I can help. If it looks promising, I will need you to provide more information about your collateral.